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National Brand Ambassador-NBA (INOU Peace Mission)

The International Non-Olympic University (INOU) is the First Mega University who is appointing "National Brand Ambassador" (NBA) in each country of the world and the NBA would further choose upto 10 personalities as State Brand Ambassadors (SBAs) from the following areas  (a). Extra Ordinary achievement in the Education fields-men or women? (b.) A top businessman/Industrialist-men or women? (c.) A top political personality-men or women? (d.) A top NGO head-men or women? (e.) A top Sports Person-men or women?

The NBA have right to recomend their own members (Honorary)  to Rector-University or board of management, appointed members have an unique and important role to Academic Development in the Country.

The eligible candidate  can scroll-down and check their country name is vacant for "National Brand Ambassador" which would be appointed over 242 NBAs in each country of the World.

Interested personalities can send (he/she) their CV to Rector – International Non-Olympic University –INOU on the following e-mail :


Her Highness Shaikha Noora Bint Khalifa Al-Khalifa (Princess of Bahrain)
ID No. 630 813

Qualification :
Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from New York Institute of Technology. Masters in mass&communication and public relations from Al-Ahliya university, Bahrain. Completed 13 circuits in graphic design and information technology/ Bahrain. A certificate of constitutional laws in the Kingdon of Bahrain from the institute of research at the University of Bahrain. Quality Management system Auditor/ Lead Auditor training course.
CEO & Chair Woman of Medpoint Design
Member of society of bussiness women. Member of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce. Member of European Bahraini Society. Honorable member of Al-Khalida Society.
Volunteered as a lecturer in the Enjaz programme in their Entrepreneur programme for 4 years in a row with Bahrain University & Ministry of Education. Participated in the 45 Gallery which is held by Supreme Council of Women under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa. Participated in the 61st batch of UNIDO programme in addition to other participations outside Bahrain. The counselling centers, the constitutional and legal studies – certificate of participation at the constitutional principles. Supported Ahlia university by hiring students from Ahlia University on the occassion of Career Day. TOBB-FGCCC a participation certificate for in the conference Invest in Turkey. CARREFOUR-Participate in a conference of human resources in Tunisia. Participated in The “Gulf Forum for partnership and investment”, Qatar in 2012.
Higher Education Honoring in Science Day General Organization for Youth and Sports – Shield Acknowledgements program to support mission. Supreme Council for Youth and Sports – Shield honoured to support the effectiveness of the campaign. Appreciation and Thanking shield to the establishment of the first exhbition of Al – Abaya in 2012. Yacht Club Bahrain – Shield for in recognition for the excellent support & sponsor ship. Chaired a workshop around communication channels at the GCC youth convention held in Riyadh. A certificate of thanks from Partenaire media. A certficate from the Yatch club of Bahrain for participation for the betterment of the organisation.
Events Under My Patronage:
Inaguration event of “Shantgiri” by MEM Hospital, 2013. WoW Exhibition, 2013 Abaya Exhibition, 2012. Abaya Fashion Night - Red carpet event, 2015 Makeup Workshop event at Sheraton Hote, 2014. Traditional event Girgaon, 2013-14. Hiya Biya Traditional Bahraini event, 2014.
Seminars Organized & Managed:
Seminars Organized & Managed: ( We have trained 80 Bahrainis ) “Results Manager” Seminar “Delivering Five Star Customer Experiences” Seminar ( We have trained 120 Bahrainis ) “You Can Do It” Seminar ( We have trained 250 Bahrainis ) “High Performance Winning Team” Seminar ( We have trained 150 Bahrainis ) “Lead to Success” Seminar ( We have trained 150 Bahrainis ) “Behavioural Safety in Industry” Workshop ( We have trained 50 Bahrainis ) “Entrepreneurs and SMES” Seminar ( We have trained 200 Bahrainis ) “Inspire to Action” Seminar ( We have trained 250 Bahrainis ) “The New Global Economy & International Trade” Seminar ( We have trained 150 Bahrainis ) “Empowerment” Seminar ( We have trained 400 Bahrainis ) “Building Customer Loyality’ Seminar ( We have trained 370 Bahrainis ) “Effective Brand Management and International Marketing” Seminar ( We have trained 345 Bahrainis ) “Body language & Successful Bussiness Communication” Seminar ( We have trained 100 Bahrainis ) “BTraining” Under the Patronage of HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Saudi Arabia

H.E. Abdul Rahman Saleh Ataishan
ID No. 630 812

• Chairman of the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce
• Prime Bahraini Saudi Arabian Business Council
First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
• Vice President of the Council of the Eastern Establishment for Print Management. Journalism and Advertising (Newspaper Asharq)
• Member of the Council of Saudi Chambers Board of Directors
• Member of the Executive Committee of the Coordinating Council in the Council of Saudi Chambers
• Member of the Saudi Council of Lebanese Businessmen
• Member of the Saudi Council of Moroccan Businessmen
• Member of the Saudi Businessmen Council Egyptian
• Member of the Committee of Friends of the Patients in the Eastern Province
• Board Member of the Equestrian field of Management in the Eastern Province
• Board Member of the Field of Management Equestrian Qassim
Previous Presidencies and Memberships :
• Head of Saudi Arabian Business Council Qatar • Chairman of the National Committee of Land Transport in the Council Chambers • Chairman of the Land Transport in the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce • Chairman of the Land Transport Gulf • Board Member of the Eastern Region • Member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights of the Child
Enterprises :
• Owner and Chairman of Abdul Rahman Alotishan Group for Contracting (Saudi Arabia)
• Chairman and Partner in Abdul Rahman Alotaishan & Sons Development Co. (Saudi Arabia)
• Chief of Abdul Rahman Alotaishan Travel and Tourism Agency (Saudi Arabia)
• President of Abdul Rahman Alotaishan Group for Petroleum Services (Saudi Arabia)
• President of Abdul Rahman Alotaishan Group for Real Estate (Saudi Arabia)
• Chairman of the Board of Directors and Member of the Board of Directors of Arab Agricultural Fertilizers (Saudi Arabia)
• Chairman of the Board of Directors Half Moon Beach Village Company (Saudi Arabia)
• Chairman and partner in Heatmasters Alotaishan Company (Finnish)
• Chairman Thompson Alotaishan Inc. (US)
• Chairman and partner in Dugan Maker Trailers and Steel structures (Turkish)
Commercial Agencies :
• Specialized in Refractory Bricks in the field of petrochemicals company RHI (a German company)
• SKAMOL GROUP company Specialized in the manufacture of refractory bricks in cement factories (a Danish company)
• SHANDONG LUYANG SHARE company specialized in the field of thermal insulation (a Chinese company)
• SHANDONG YUMIN GROUP company specialized in the field of clay bricks (thermal insulation) (a Chinese company)
• GRANDSTONE company TYRE COR. Specialized in the field of tires (a Chinese company)
• Echo Company (a Chinese company)
• Sartl company for the manufacture of machinery and construction and specialized in the field of trade TRUCK axes (Turkish company)
• PRISM PTY LIMITED company specialized in the field of bright and anti-skid material (Australia Inc.)
• Delta Heat service company specialized in the field of thermal processing equipment (Netherlands company)
• Rafrakor Company (Philippine company)
• Komyang Company (Korean company)
• korea company institute construction (kic) (Korean company)
• Thermo ENGINEERING Inc. (Italian company)
Experience :
Experience for 40 years in the Business and Project Management and Maintenance, Transportation, Construction
Qualifications :
Holds a degree in Business Administration from the English Language Institute of the United States of America in 1980
Marital status :
Married and I have children : Dhari - Rakan - Fares - Mohannad - Jawaher

H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Haridy
ID No. 630 813

Education: • Bachelor in Law, Asiut University 1991 • Master Degree in Law, Cairo University 2010 • PhD in Law, Cairo University 2013
Experiences: • Legal Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Kuwait 1991 • Legal Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Cairo 1998
Current Appointment: • Ambassador in United Nations UN, December 2013 – to date • Ambassador of Peace Human Affairs, United Nations UN • Member of the World Government of the World Citizen, Washington • Member of the International Human Rights Watch, Washington • Member of the External Affairs, Arab League • Secretary General of the “Salam International Center for Human Rights” • Ambassador of the International Organization for Development and Human Rights Peace. • Head of External Affairs of the International Human Rights Watch for Paris, Geneva & United Nations UN • Balinved Lawyer and Researcher in the International Criminal Court • Advisor of the International Arbitration, Switzerland International Arbitration Federation • Advisor of the Diplomatic & Conciliate Communications, Geneva • Advisor and member of the Egyptian International Law Association • Specialist of the International Security for Internet Crimes • Advisor of the Internal Affairs of the Arab African Congress • Advisor of the Arab People & Parliaments’ Organization • Advisor of the International Federation of Arab Newspapers • Advisor of the Ambassadors’ Association of the Arab Union Council & International Cooperation


H.E. Denisa Gokovi
ID No. 630 814

Special Duty - Adviser - INOU Peace Mission

Ms. Denisa Gokovi Collaborates through her talent and creativity with professionals, musicians and worthy Albanian music. At the same time it contained artistic role as writer on philosophy, Actress, Composer, Pianist, Singer, Photo Model and Goodwill Ambassador for Albania! The trend, its originality and artistic style is predominant in international success!
DENISA GOKOVI Chapter Chairperson Republic of Albania
Ms. Denisa Gokovi appointed as FAAVM Global Goodwill Ambassador for Arts and Culture. This initiative consists of organizing and working together to launch annual Humanitarian Concerts and Events in Canada, aiming to promote Canadian Minorities’ Culture and to raise awareness on the Human Rights Issues affecting Minorities in Canada.
Ms. Denisa Gokovi is an honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations, Ambassador for social cultural- Arts & Humanity in the Royal Society Group, also Ambassador for African Child projects. The FAAVM and Ms. Denisa Gokovi will also undertake numerous projects aiming to promote peace and development, and shall initiate a series of public conferences, forums, and gather celebrity supports throughout America to help raise public awareness on the vital role of culture and art in peace-building and the need to preserve culture locally, nationally and worldwide. Ms. Denisa Gokovi is an honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations, Ambassador for social cultural- Arts & Humanity in the Royal Society Group, also Ambassador for African Child projects. The FAAVM and Ms. Denisa Gokovi will also undertake numerous projects aiming to promote peace and development, and shall initiate a series of public conferences, forums, and gather celebrity supports throughout America to help raise public awareness on the vital role of culture and art in peace-building and the need to preserve culture locally, nationally and worldwide.

United States of America-USA

H.E. Ramon Barajas III
ID No. 630 824

About H.E. Ramon Barajas III
H.E. Ramon Barajas III is a next generation leader. He is passionate about making a difference in his community and those that needed the most. He looks to inspire more leaders in this generation to make an impact today and create a strong generation for tomorrow. Today, H.E. Barajas is known as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Multi-Artist, Innovator, Diplomat, Educator, and NextGenLeader. In 2016, he began his career in Government as the youngest candidate for United States Congress in the history of American Politics. He pursued an education in Business, Political Science, and International Relations. In the professional world, his extensive portfolio includes:
Chairman of Empress Group (Burma)
Chairman of Royal Bay Group (Brazil)
Chairman of Royal Court Network Group (UK)
President of ARTiSTdirect Group (Japan)
President of MODELdirect Group (Mexico)
President of FASHIONdirect Group (France)
President of STUDENTdirect Publications (USA)
Vice President of International Relations for STUDENTdirect International (Global)
Board Member of NextGenLeaders
Board Member of Initiating Community Action (USA)
Board Member of Boogiezone Beyond (USA)
Board Member of United Council of Multi Arts (USA)
Board Member of Young Americans for Liberty (USA)
Member of Rotary International (Global)
U.S Ambassador for Rompiendo Barreras (El Salvador)
Global Ambassador for STUDENTdirect International Youth Council

Russia Federation

H.E. Iashnar A. Khaiitov
ID No. 630 817

Education :
1. Mechanuical Engineer on Agricultural and Heavy Industry Machines,
Technical College, Diploma with Honour, 1978-1981, Tashauz city, Turkmenistan;
2. International Relations, Referent for Diplomatic and Consulate Oversea, Top Specialist on Korean (Noprth and South), Immigration Officer for Serving for Country Borders, High School KGB(FSB-Academy now) named`after F/E/Dzerghinskiy:
3. Business` Management< Master of Business Management, MBA, Diploma of The University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashment, Uzbekistan, 1997-1999:
Immigration Officer for Tashauz KGB, Turkmenistan, Interpreter at the INTEGRAL Co Ltd, Teacher at the Korean Cultural Centre in Tashauz city for Korean Language:
Top Immigration Officer at the Turkmenistan-Afhganistan Border: 1992-1995;
Engineer at the Uz-DAEWOO Co Ltd for Auto TYech Centre;
Top Manager at the Uz-DAEWOO Co Ltd for Export team;
General Director of the Priovate Company "QARQARA", Orient Handmade carpets and Rugs, Export team;
Deputy General Director for Great Britain "Albion Development Corporation", Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Trade Representative for Russian Military Heavy Industry "URALAUTOPRITSEP", Chelyabinsk city, Russian Federation:
Manager for Far-Eastern Countries at the SUAL-HOLDING-KUMZ-Aluminium Company, Kamensk-Uralsk, Ekaterinburg city, Russian Federation:
Commercial Director for METimpex Co Ltd-DRAGTSVETMET Holding, Moscow, Russian Federation-2004-2009
Chariman at the Public, Alumni and Veterans of FSB, 2009-2015 present time:
Founder and General Director for The Transoxanian Treasuries LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation:

United Kingdom -UK

H.E. Wael El Monofy
ID No. 630 811

1. Ain Shams University Cairo - Egypt Faculty of Commerce, Accounting (major) 2. West Minister College – London, Uk Hotel Management
EMPLOYMENT - Managing Director & Partner - DIRECT TRADING - 2001 – to present, - Group Executive Manager - MISR EL HEGAZ GROUP - 1999-2001, - Duty Manager- CAIRO SHERATON HOTEL - 1997-1999, - Assistant Manager - RICHMOND HILL HOTEL - February 1988, - Diary Department - ECONOMIST NEWSPAPER - June 1987 – December 1987.


H.E. Abdallah Shokair Khaled
ID No. 630 810

Khaled Abdallah Shokair Holds a Bachelor of Commerce, University of Zagazig 1988 Work in Egypt Tours Mit Ghamr 1990 To activate the tourism Domestic Diploma in French Language from 1992/1995 French radio announcer from 1995 to now found and establish association Egypt France in 2000 and became its chairman .. Adopted as a journalist Francophone Agency News .. Was chosen as the best French radio announcer in 2001 Participated delegate on Egypt of the Association head Egypt France 2000 International Exhibition Marseille from 2003 to the present Has been chosen to be a founding member of the Great Mosque of Marseille, a representative of the Egyptian community in Egypt and a Frenchman of Egyptian origin .. Work with the company Films in the future in France of a number of Reportage Reporter to the agency's Middle East and Africa AMA France Participated in the framework of the Mediterranean Dialogue Mediterranean countries to show the relationship between the northern and southern


H.E. Dereje Ayalew Anagaw
ID No. 630 809

Educational :
BA in organization management from International leadership Institute. Various short training s on Accounting, management and Business Work experience -Teacher for 3 years in different private schools -school Director for 7 years Current position -Own K-12th private school and one educational agency and CEO for both of them Working in education sector for the past 16 years from teching to leading


H.E. Dr. Arnildo Schildt
ID No. 630 815

Education :
MBA in Administration and International Affairs and Translator Harvard University, 1989; International Affairs World Ecology Foundation-AME since 1992; Director Schildt Assessoria Ambiental LTDA. since 1989; Director Schildt Enteterimento LTDA. since 1992; University Professor since 1989 to 2007; In the last 15 years I'm the Coordinator of Large Projects in the State of Rio Grande do Sul by presentation via CG-LA Infrastructure; International Affairs Microempa 1998 to 2001; Member of Sister Cities International since 1992 and, Executive Director CMCI BRASIL - World Conference of Sister Cities BRASIL since 2007.


H.E. Dr. Carlos Santos Saavedra Bravo
ID No. 630 816

Curricular Brief Summary
Basic do my studies in psychology for 1995, culminated by 1996 and then studied at the Parapsychology Research Center in 1997, earning the title of Technician in Parapsychology, then joining the Cambridge International University 2001 a degree in psychology, culminated my Masters in Business and Industrial Psychology the year 2003, and my PhD in parapsychology, to this date I make my studies at the University of East receiving the rank of University Professor, I have numerous Doctor Honoris Causes and recognitions for my national and international work, I have done work in laboratory experiments and educational practice for years; in colleges and universities. I am currently chairman of the Open Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Sebastian International University.

D.R. Congo

ID No. 630 818

I'm Igor Abeli born August 9, 1986 in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) I currently live in the city of Goma, I have a level of superier and university study, I am catholic religion, I speak fluently French, Swahili, Lingala, a little Spanish and poor English. View various ailments which ravaged my country for many years, since my young age I got interested in the associative movement because as said Professor Jean Dorst: "The human activities grow at their climax and the door seems absurd the seeds of the destruction of our species. " for me it is equally true that it is men who make history, and men can if they want to reverse the trend and take appropriate measure to save guard our species. and I was a member and create SEVERAL association diverse sector including: ecology, human rights, the fight against AIDS, fight against corruption and anti-value, the fight against sexual violence, fight against the armed conflict, humanitarian assistance. :: I discovered your Organisation thanks to a friend who is a member, and I am very interested in and wish to become an active member of this organization to contribute to building a better world and preserve this humanist heritage for future generation and especialy to Youth Education in my country..


H.E. Gisele Yitamben
ID No. 630 819

Brief Bio-Data
Mrs. Gisele Yitamben
ID No. 1177792131 issued in Douala – Cameroon on October 13, 2014.
- B.Sc. Economics, Strasbourg University France, 1979 – Studied business economics:
- MBA, Schiller International University Paris France 1981, studied International business management and administration
Diploma, Carlton University, Ottawa Canada, Studied Qualitative methods and analysis for development evaluation
Diploma Harvard University (Harvard Business School- HBS) Boston USA, 2010: Studied Performance measurement of effective management of Non profit organizations
Diploma, Harvard University (HBS) Boston USA, 2004: Studied Strategic perspectives in Non Profit organization management.
Professional Experience - President, 1987 TILL DATE – ASAFE, a social enterprise , Cameroon
- Marketing Director, 1985 to 1987, SAKAMED, a distribution and marketing Company in Douala, Cameroon
- Lecturer in development economics and business management as well as monitoring of students activities on the field from 1982 to 1985 at the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID, a regional training institution); Douala Cameroon.
- Also since 2006, Researcher with the GRACE network (Gender Research in Africa and the Middle East into ICTs for Empowerment) headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.
Membership of Professional societies and activities in International Affairs
- Schwab foundation fellow (World Economic forum) and Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Gender Gap. The Network of Global Agenda Councils plays a significant role in shaping the global agenda by monitoring global issues and elaborating recommendations to address them
- Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Gender Gap . The Network of Global Agenda Councils plays a significant role in shaping the global agenda by monitoring global issues and elaborating recommendations to address them.
- Member of international Experts Group that advice the Director General of UNESCO on the Decade of Education for Sustainable development (DESD) policies and programs.
- Regional Counsellor for Central and West Africa to the Canadian International development research centre IDRC to support and guide in the choice of research thematic.
Awards and recognitions
• 2012 CPS ward for best service by Cameroon Professional Society of USA
• The Most Inspiring African Feminist 2011 by AWFD
• Winner of the “Africa SMME Award 2005” from ACIA University of Stellenbosch South Africa
• “Palme de l’Excellence Féminine au Cameroun » an award to civil society organizations in Cameroun 2004
• Best Civil Society Organisation of Cameroon, an award by the “Comité d’Excellence Africain”, 2004
• Original Support Structure for Women Entrepreneurship Prize by the Association of Women Heads of Enterprises of Switzerland 2004
• Social Innovator Prize from DIGITAL Partners, Seattle USA 2003
• Finalist for the Tech Award for social Entrepreneurs New York USA 2003
• Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Prize of the Schwab Foundation. Award 2002
• 1995 “Comité de l’Excellence” award for contribution to the socio-economic development of Cameroon.
• The Theresa Hoover prize for contribution to the advancement of the status of women in Africa, New York, USA, 1994.
Contribution in books
• Chercheurs et Décideurs d’Afrique: Quelles synergies pour le Développement sous la direction de Abdoulaye Ndiaye, published by IDRC 2009
• Trading stories: Experiences with Gender and Trade edited by Marilyn Carr & Mariama Williams published by Commonwealth Secretariat 2010
• African women &ICTs: Investigating Technology, Gender and empowerment edited by Ineke Buskens & Anne Webb published by Zed books London/New york 2008
• Women and ICT in Africa and the Middle East : Changing Selves, Changing Societies' empowerment edited by Ineke Buskens &Anne Webb published by Zed books London/New York 2014 downloaded for free from the IDRC digital library:


H.E. Victor Kibet Chirchir
ID No. 630 820

-Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication, Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology, 2011
-Currently pursuing MBA in Marketing, Kisii University
-SENIOR BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, 2013 T0 DATE-Royal Media Services Ltd
- MASS COMMUNICATIONS TUTOR, Jan-July 2013-Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
-SALES EXECUTIVE, Nov-Dec 2012-Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
-PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN, Sept-Oct 2012- Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
-COMMUNICATIONS INTERN, May-Sept 2012-Office of Public Communications, Government of Kenya
-PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN, Jan-April 2012-Point Image
Other Positions Held:
- May - Nov 2011: BOG Teacher (Kiswahili and History) at Chesogor Secondary
- Sept 2009 - May 2011: News Anchor/ Presenter at MMUST FM 103.9 (University Broadcast Radio Station).
- May - Aug 2010: News Reporter at Ministry of Information and Communication, Kenya News Agency (KNA), District Information Office-Bomet.
- Aug 2010: Nation Correspondent at Nation Media Group.
- Jan 2006-Aug 2007: BOG Teacher (English and Kiswahili) at Chesogor Secondary School.


H.E. Haitham M. A.Moustafa
ID No. 630 821

Education :
- B.Sc in Accounting / Bachelor Of Commerce, Tanta University,2000 -
-international professional Trainer accredited from USA Management, Sales & human developement.
1- critical thinking program.
2- road to genuis program.
3- coaching program.
4- presentation skills program.
5- multiple intelligences . program.
6 - leadership programs .
- Training MANAGER, 2O12 TILL DATE . Medex training .UAE/ qatar
- SALES AND MARKETING manager, 2010 TO 2012- Almanac news paper . UAE
- SALES AND MARKETING ass. MANAGER, 2006 TO 2010 .Dolphins Exhibition& conferences management. UAE
- director manager 2001- to 2006 Al Rahala group . exhibition& conferences / Egypt


H.E. Nweke Prince Onyemaechi
ID No. 630 822

Nweke Prince Onyemaechi is a born versatile Nigerian Youth Activist Leader. He obtained his Degrees in Sociology of Education (2013-2015), Education a/Administration (2006 – 2010) and Public Administration and Local Government Studies (2003-2005), all from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Prince possesses additional Certificates of Proficiency in Education, Management, Leadership, Computer Applications, Website Design and ICT Components. His robust career profile includes, but not limited to, serving as a Principal, Head of Computer Unit, and Director of Studies, Director of Sports, and Counselor. Currently, he is a member of Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria, Global Youth Action Network, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Nigerian Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NNNGO), Alcohol Prevention Youth Network, Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development, Global Change Makers, Youth Consortium for Progress, The Voice of Youth, African Youth Association of NGOs (AYANGO) and Nigeria Non-State Actors for European Union (EU-INSIDE), Nigeria.

- He has attended many workshops, Conferences and Seminars on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at all levels in Nigeria. He is an experienced Teacher, Lecturer and has taught Issues in Local Government Administration, Sociology, Nigerian Government, History and Politics, Entrepreneurship Development, Leadership, Computer Education and Commerce at Senior Secondary Schools and Higher Institutions for years. In giving back to the community has published several academic and religious materials both as books and Peer-Review journals. In addition to his prolific literary works he has pioneered youth foundations; e.g. Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development (LIFYEAD) and International Journal of Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (IJYEED-Journal).

- Nweke’s volunteering responsibilities include, among others, State Coordinator, Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria (Abia State Chapter); Regional Coordinator, National Coalitions of Nigerian Youths in South-East (NACONY), Youth Representative/Associate Editor, The Voice of Youths, Pakistan; Nigeria Representative, Youth Consortium for Progress, Gambia; Facilitator – Institute of Customer Relationship and Management, Part-time Lecturer, Centre for Pre-Degree and Diploma Studies, Kogi State University, Anyigba; Camp Director, Concepts Sports Academy; Regional Director, African Youth Association of Non-Governmental Organization (AYANGO).


H.E. Hap Omaly
ID No. 630 823

-Finish High school
-Finished Bachelor Degree of Law and Political science at Cambodia.
-Finished Master Degree of Political science of International Relation at Cambodia.
-Training course on Legislative, Leadership, Legislative Development Program, Peace and Sustainable Development, Advocacy, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in local country and international.
Previous Assignments:
-1993-2008 Assistant to the Commission of Cambodia Parliament.
-2002-20013 Personnel Advisor to Vice-President of Cambodia Parliament.
-2008 until now Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development, Cambodia.

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